When is using an open wifi network a crime?



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Re: When is using an open wifi network a crime?

3xban wrote:Part of me said to leave this thread to die.  But here is one other factor one should take into account before putting on their gray hat and using someone else's WiFi....

Lets say you are using it to do some "other" security research and you don't bother to anonymize yourself.  Well now your neighbor's IP gets logged while you are "testing" a website or downloading some malware "samples."  Lets say that site was actually a government site and maybe not our government.  they intern start launching attacks on your neighbor and their system is compromised.  Next thing you know they are calling all their credit card companies and banks to file identity theft reports.  Or one more, someone uses their computer to hide child porn and some local law enforcement or fed track it down.  Lots of bad things happen because you felt that their "open" WiFi was an invitation for free internet. 

As ethical hackers, we have to look past the open doors and windows and take it upon ourselves to tell the owners to close them when we find them.  Regardless if there is a law to protect them or not.  I am sure a savvy lawyer could get such a case thrown out in court by stating "Well they didn't say NOT to use the open WiFi" and state that such signage wasn't present. 

Anyway just another way to think aside from the laws.

Without a doubt, if someone is hacking they should definitely be punished.

Anyway, I just found out New York has a reasonable law.

New York law is the most permissive.[1] The statute against unauthorized access only applies when the network "is equipped or programmed with any device or coding system, a function of which is to prevent the unauthorized use of said computer or computer system"

https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/ ... ted_States


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Re: When is using an open wifi network a crime?

I think using a open wifi is fine is that is the purpose of the wifi.(Resturants etc) However if there is a house that has wifi but has not set wirless password then connecting might be illegal in the UK I think its the responsibility of the owner to make sure it is secure.

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