Social Engineering and the USB - A new approach



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Social Engineering and the USB - A new approach

Hi All,

A wonderful article, a must-read for all Security Professional.


Sorry if it is a re-post.

Also if we get a USB as a gift, how to make sure that it is not infected apart from our normal virus scanning methods?


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Re: Social Engineering and the USB - A new approach

That was a really good read.  There is software out there that claims to control USB ports on client machines, and the amount of software is growing as the concern over USB drives grows. 

I've heard about devicelock, and I found a link for devicewall.  It seems that they will control which USB devices will be allowed on the computer, and in some cases will encrypt whatever is put on the USB drive.  The usual complaint I hear about encrypting the contents is that the receiving computer has to be able to unencrypt the drive.  I usually tell people that if you're legitimately transferring files to an authorized recipient, then find a better way to do it...like over a VPN tunnel. 

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