Post Mon Nov 14, 2011 4:09 pm

Looking for Forensic Specialist in Chicago

I'll make this one brief and you can reach out to me for details if you want more info.  I just changed consulting firms and the one I moved to does not currently have a forensic practice.  I have gotten a full business plan approved to rectify this regrettable situation.  I've got budget for a new lab, training, new hires, etc.  The only catch for the moment is that I need to get the lab and other infrastructure up and running first before I start hiring nationally.  For various reasons I'm putting the lab in the Chicago area.  I'm looking for a relatively senior forensic resource (or two) to help me get everything together, and we'll probably be hiring en masse next year.  If you are a forensicator in the Chicago area please reach out to me and lets chat.