Post Fri Oct 28, 2011 9:11 am

Info Sec Generalist

So for the last 10 years I was an IT Generalist.  Jack-of-all trades I suppose.  Mostly due to the jobs I was taking.  As a consulting for SMBs you tend to need to know a little about a lot of IT related topics.  One day I could be setting up a new workstation, the next I can be plopping in a new Exchange server.  After cleaning viruses off systems for so long, I figured I wanted to move into the role with more influence on better security so onto Info Sec!!  For the last year I was able to concentrate on more security heavy items.  Now today, I do things from minor malware anlysis to reviewing web applications.  The current job requires me still to be a Jack-of-all trades in Security.  Which makes me feel like a generalist with no real mastery of anything.  Kinda the opposite result I was looking for :D  So how bout you?  Do you feel like an Info Sec Generalist more often than not?  Do you enjoy it?  Discuss...
Certs: GCWN