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Stanford Security Courses


Has anyone taken any of the stanford security courses.  They look more towards learning how attacks work and defending against them rather than a specific pen test, web app assessment methodology, but look pretty good? ... rchResults



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Re: Stanford Security Courses

Yeah, I took the Software Security Foundations course and I have mixed feelings about it. 

Pros: You can download the lecture slides, the videos are well done, and the information is extensive and informative.

Cons:  The video lectures are a few years old.  I just thought the video lectures were going to be new.  You only get maybe 6 hours of videos, about an hour per lesson with only 6 lessons.  The class is $499, but you have to pay another 70 bucks or so your first time to pay for your certificate.  So it was 570 for not even 6 hours of lectures. You can't save the videos.  They have free video lectures on their web site that covers some of the material that you pay for! Because it is short, you can finish the class within a couple days.

Overall, if you have the money and want to expand your knowledge, then I would say go for it.  Personally, five hundred something dollars is a lot of money to me and I didn't feel it was worth it for only 6 hours of video lectures.
To address your concern, the one class I took is definitely geared more to the defensive side of things, building software that is secure rather than pen testing. 

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