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[Article]-Course Review: Digital Mobile Forensics Deep Dive

Another month, another course review. Hope all of you don't mind the continued attempt to give you the skinny on items that help you decide how to spend your hard earned dollars. Let us know what you think, as we always strive to be fair and honest.

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David Caissy, CISSP, GPEN, GSEC, CEH, PMP, B.Sc.A.

Digital Mobile Forensics Deep Dive is a 3-day course written and taught by Wayne Burke of Sequrit. I decided to take this course to expend my knowledge into a field I barely knew. Being a penetration tester with a background in web application development, I was completely new to the forensic world. Since the official web site stated that this was a “highly advanced and technical course,” I honestly expected to be completely lost. I thought I would learn more from home after the class, trying to slowly digest what the instructor said. With the site also stating that “about 80% of the course is focused on practical REAL WORLD hands-on lab scenario exercises,” I decided to buy an airplane ticket and give it a try.

I received the lab requirements by email directly from the instructor, Wayne Burke. The email included the laptop specifications and software that had to be installed such as VMware Workstation. The instructor also mentioned needing Backtrack 5 and CAINE (Computer Aided INvestigative Environment) virtual machines. So I cleaned up some space on my laptop, downloaded what I needed and installed the two VMs. I was eager to start the class.

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