Introducing the CSTA Board



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Introducing the CSTA Board

As we have done with numerous other ethical hacking certifications, we are dedicating an entire Forum Board to 7Safe's CSTA. Below is a link to the CSTA page here on EH-Net including my comments at this point in time, some info on the certification, more from the 7Safe web site, etc.


Here's the Editor's Quick Thoughts as of 09-27-2011 from the page listed above:

Here's a worthy up-and-comer for all of you budding pen testers. It's run and maintained by a UK company named 7Safe. It is a 4-day course that was recently updated (June 2011) and is poised to take on industry stalwarts like EC-Council and SANS. Offered in many countries by a variety of training companies, this certification follows the Microsoft model of licensing its courses and certs. Key highlight of this course is the lab environment on the provided computers during the class. Very well done with Windows & Linux machines customized to give you the feel of a pen test throughout the course. Now available in 6 countries including England and the US, this one is poised for steady growth and acceptance in the industry. For a full review and comparisons to other courses, see the EH-Net Review, An American Hacker in London.

And let the conversation begin...

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Re: Introducing the CSTA Board

I have just been in touch with seven safe to get myself booked on this course. For anyone who has left the British army and has learning credits you can use these for the course. ;D ;D

Safe me a few quid.
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