Post Wed Nov 08, 2006 1:22 pm

FBI Sends in Troopers

Chris Soghoian must be feeling much more secure now that the FBI has shut down his Web site and confiscated his computers. Last week the Indiana University grad student created a site that allowed users to generate fake Northwest Airlines boarding passes. His point: to demonstrate how mind-numbingly easy it is to circumvent airport security. Rather than fix the system, the Feds sent G-men to his door. (I hear they also confiscated a bottle of hair gel and two tubes of toothpaste.) As DHS honcho Michael Chertoff says, the Internet is the new terrorism training ground. The good news? After our government invades and takes over all our IP addresses, they’ll be greeted as liberators.

Original InfoWorld Mag Article by Robert X. Cringely: ... ely_1.html

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