SET 2.1 Release



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SET 2.1 Release

If you haven't heard, Dave Kennedy is releasing SET 2.1 at DerbyCon. Look at his site for a few details http://www.secmaniac.com/

I'm most excited about: 
I’ve rewritten the Java Applet to incorporate this vector which allows payloads to be shot straight into memory without ever touching disk. The implications of this are huge as anti-virus should no longer trigger on Metasploit-based payloads within SET or the Java Applet attack.

The Java applet attack used to work perfectly but most AV's have a sig for it since it was an actual file that resided on the disk....cant wait to see this!


Post Tue Sep 13, 2011 3:38 am

Re: SET 2.1 Release

Yah some good updates and there meant to be another big one still to come.

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