[help]issues with setting up reverse php shell.



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[help]issues with setting up reverse php shell.

As the topic says,i had some issues with setting up a reverse php shell

i downloaded this php-reverse shell

And i modified this part
$ip = '';  // CHANGE THIS
$port = 1234;       // CHANGE THIS

with my ip address  and port 135(that is the only open port i found in my pc during port scan )
i am using xp-sp2 for this purpose.

and i saved the file, and uploaded to the web-host .

and i opened the php-reverse shell in my browser and after that i opened  netcat and typed the following command as mentioned in the tutorial

$ nc -v -n -l -p 135

But i am getting like this


i dont know what went wrong,also i am having dynamic ip,i dont like to set-up the whole thing each and every time,

here are my questions :
1)what is the problem in my set-up
2)and what should i do in order to avoid the uploading and changing the configuration of  php-reverse shell each time?
3)Also does php function restrictions and safe mode if set to ON will have impact on the reverse shell set-up?

4)Or from your experience please suggest me a best way/tutorial to get a reverse shell from the target.
because i would like to play with kernel exploits,execute os commands and other funny things.

hope i will find some help here..


i had successfully resolved the port problem
and but still i couldnt get a sucessfull back connection

may it is happening due to php function restrictions ?
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Re: [help]issues with setting up reverse php shell.

Don't use an already used port.

Try the default port 1234 :)

You may need to also tweak you're firewall settings.
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