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[Article]-Book Review: Thor’s Microsoft Security Bible

Here's a book from which most of you will be able to grab some useful info. It's not a hacking book, but it has some great practical ideas to secure a windows environment. Let us know what you think of the reviewer's thoughts and the book itself if you've had the opportunity to read it.

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Review by John R. Luko, Security+, CCENT, CEH

A few weeks ago I saw an ad for Thor's Microsoft Security Bible: A Collection of Practical Security Techniques (TMSB) by Timothy "Thor" Mullen and thought, “Hey that sounds like it could be useful.”  I work for a Managed Services Provider (MSP) that supports tons of Microsoft servers, so any extra knowledge can always come in handy.  Originally, I thought it might be over my head.  I held off on buying it, until I found some reviews.  Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) TMSB came out and no reviews have been found.  I decided to go on Amazon and read the first chapter for free to see if it was something I could handle.  After reading the intro and half of chapter one, I was hooked.

Before I get to the review and some thoughts, I thought I’d offer a couple quick hints.  The first hint is to buy the hard copy.  Online retailers are selling the electronic version for the same price as the hard copy, and there is media that comes with the book.  Therefore, getting the hard copy gets you both for the same price.  Second, having read through the book, I’d suggest having the following intermediate level skills:  C#, T-SQL, and Server 2008 experience.  On with the review!