Career-Path Advice Needed




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Career-Path Advice Needed

Hello Everyone
I’m seeking advice concerning a security-path career choice
Current CERTS: Network +/Security +/CEH/ (Associates in I.T)
I spent a few months on the OSCP, but have suspended that pursuit (temporarily?)
I just turned 48, and I am looking for a position in the 50k to 70k range (possibly leading towards management)
I’m trying to find a situation where an (older worker) can ‘get my foot in the door’
I am an avid learner, but I’m not sure if I want the /consistent/ongoing challenges of something like PEN Testing
I’m considering Security-Incident Handler/Loss-Prevention Specialist/positions
Possibly a network/system/security administration position

General Questions:
What CERTS/etc. could you suggest for self/web-based study? ($1000 range)
Any thoughts on these CERTS: ISC2 Associate/CCENT/Linux+/GCIH???
Any advice/resources/etc. would be greatly appreciated
P.S. And yes; I am an Ex-Circus Musician (Bass Guitar)


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Re: Career-Path Advice Needed

I would say check into the local groups in the area. Network with others in the field, they might know someone you can go talk to.

In your case, ArbSEC, MichSEC, 2600, maybe some one of the locksport groups.

(I know xcircusmusician in real life, met him at mi2600).
OSWP, Sec+


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Re: Career-Path Advice Needed

I really hate the timeout on this site sometimes >:(

Michael - I received your PM and typed up a nice big reply, only to be timed out by the site... :(

Anyway, I'll try to summarize here.

Do you have any current/prior IT experience?
What are you most interested in and why?

Like Chris mentioned above, the fastest and easiest way to get into any position is to network. Join the groups, attend some meetings, and meet some local folks that may provide potential career opportunities.

Definitely consider looking into the SMB market for some sort of system/network administration position. They typically have small IT staffs and it's normally a great opportunity for you to get your hands on a lot of different things. You'll learn a lot and it will also help you determine where you want to focus.

As for the self-study on a budget options - anything that has a book available (if you can study that way). You can pick up the CCNA study kit for around $60-$80 I think. For around $300 you should be able to pick up the entire MCITP collection. I don't know that I would bother with the Linux+ certification but certainly pick up a study guide if you want to learn some Linux system administration fundamentals, otherwise you'd likely be better off going the RedHat route. The SANS stuff is good but expensive. You can always read the bulletin/objectives and study those on your own, then challenge the exam ($800-$900, not sure what current cost is).

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