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Use The FóRÇ£

I need a little help with making a brute forcer or dictionary forcer(I'm sure that's not the name) in python 3.But first I have to Say somethings...

1.Yes I have did some research.
2. Some of the program is written.
3.I am not trying to hack someone need this for a web app(Web goat I think).
So here's what I'm doing I am going to think as it as an arithmatic problem. This is what I mean I am going to use the dostrubitive property to try and come with the password e.g.

and so on and so forth. This is how I plan on evolving the password cracker.The only thing I don't understand is how do I get it to run in the browser?
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Re: Use The FóRÇ£

You wouldn't run it in a browser, you'd use a Python library like urllib.request or http.client.

http://docs.python.org/release/3.1.3/li ... quest.html
http://docs.python.org/release/3.1.3/li ... lient.html
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