Inexpensive Netbook and lab setup question




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Inexpensive Netbook and lab setup question

First off I want to say thanks to the site admins and forum members.  I am new to security and this website and forum have been an amazing resource.

Second, if anyone is looking for additional lab hw target has a nice acer net book on sell for 250 with instant 50 gift card.   Just picked up a couple for other reasons but figured they might be nice additions to an expanding lab.

Third, I am going to start putting together a test lab, and have found awesome posts on os choices, hw, and virtual setups but I was considering something I hadn't seen mentioned yet.  A large rack mount dell or hp server with significant amount of ram 24gb or more and plenty of drive space.    Through my primary job a can get decent deals on hardware, and can write it off through my consulting LLC as well as using it to set up servers for clients in virtual then moving to their hardware so it could serve multiple purposes. 

My question is this, other then not being movable and being cost prohibitive, would there be any downside to having a large server to host 5-10 concurrent virtual guests as targets and having a net book setup as an attacker?


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Re: Inexpensive Netbook and lab setup question

Some others have used those. Really though, it's cost of HW, space required, and environmentals (cooling, power, etc).

However if you have a way to hook it in to your network there is no reason not to use it.
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