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Could It Be Spam!

Hi EH-Netter,
                I am a Sys admin at a small company in Africa, i see to the day-to-day IT needs of the company thus: emails, servers ,web updates, LAN and MAN. Beginning this year i have been experiencing some problems with our mail(outlook).

Our domain is being hosted by godaddy (including our email) for us to receive mail we point outlook to godaddy's MX servers. But recently i noticed that when we send mail to each other they keep spamming e.g to will loop about 40-100 times, sometimes too when we send mails to other domains the call us or reply telling us how many times that particular mail was received.
When my directors asked i attributed it to the fact that we had a slow internet connection due to that outlook cannot time out. other times too the recipient of the mail will receive it while the mail is still sitting in the outbox.
Note: At other branches with a satellite link of 64k dedicated we do do experience this problem there. with have 512K dedicate link at the Head office where we experience the problem.

I decided to build an internal email server with FreeBSD 8, but on the other side I don't know if it will work in my case cos our mails are being hosted elsewhere.
Godaddy---------->my.internal.mail-------->outlook clients
will the above be possible.

Being a member of EH-Net i think it would be a good idea if i post my problem  here for help cos i'm really worried.

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