Which certification and how to choose?



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Which certification and how to choose?

Recently, there are so many security certification have come in the market, it has become difficult which one to choose. Many of them make a make the training mandatory so does it mean that they want to make money?

I normally decide on the following points:

1. Reputation of the Organization ( It is difficult to find out as they are so many new are coming)
2. If Training a mandatory or self study i permitted? I just drop teh idea of any certification, which makes the training mandatory. You can not beat teh experience by 1 week training.
3. Price ( If price is more that $150, I am sure to see the market value of the certification and how famous the certification is)
4. Recertification requirement: i normaly choose the one with no certification requirement unless tteh certificate is very famous (CISSP, CISA). one which does have the recertification requirement and with hafety recertification fee, avoid.

Please coment or add to the list.

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Re: Which certification and how to choose?

Let's get this out of the way... they all want to make money. So do I, and I suppose you do, too.

The best thing to do is to concentrate on you. Where are you personally and where do you want to be in your career. That usually narrows the field of cert possibilities.

I can't say that I agree with all of your points:

1. Whether for certs or anything else, it's always a good idea to check out the rep of an org.
2. I feel that all certs should have a self-study option. I'll leave it at that.
3. I disagree with your price limit. If you said $5 - 10,000 I might agree. Look at MS exams at $125 each and you need to take 7 of them to get MCSE. That ends up being cheaper than the $5 - 600 for a CISSP exam. Either way though, unless you will never change jobs - ever, the salary increase will clearly be above that cost. Even if there was no monetary advantage, I would easily spend more than $150 on my career and lifelong education.
4. Continuing Requirements are looked at by most as a sign of a valued credential. As stated above, money is always involved, but it's also a good way for the organization to force continued learning in a particluar area. This is a good idea in my opinion. Plus, there are plenty of free ways to get CPEs.

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Re: Which certification and how to choose?

Thanks Don

I think you agreed to all my points. I said "Price ( If price is more that $150, I am sure to see the market value of the certification and how famous the certification is)"
so money comes with the reputation of the certificate.

Thanks once again

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