BackTrack v2 Beta Released



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Post Tue Oct 17, 2006 10:51 pm

BackTrack v2 Beta Released

In addition to a beta release of the next version of BackTrack, there is also a new site dedicated to training for BackTrack:


Gotta love how quickly things move in our industry,


Post Wed Oct 18, 2006 8:35 am

Re: BackTrack v2 Beta Released


talk about a waste of money.

they'll even charge you to change the desktop and splash page if you want a custom version.

thats pretty hardcore.


Post Wed Oct 25, 2006 3:34 pm

Re: BackTrack v2 Beta Released

God, I remember the days when you had to just about re-create your linux OS just to get a few tools like Kismet to work! Things have really changed!  I downloaded 2.0 recently and it definitely has a nicer feel.  It has been updated to the kernel 2.6.18-rc5.  The only thing I would say that I regret about Backtrack is that I have never felt it has lived up to its full potential. I was hoping it would be the best of Auditor and the best of Whax.  The strong point of Auditor was that it was a little more like a regular linux disto and every laptop I have run it on works well, and just about all of my 5 wifi cards worked well with it and had no problem going into monitor mode, while its weak points were its not having as  many security apps as Whax.  The strong point of Whax was that it had many more security apps, but its weak points were its lack of driver support.  Backtrack is not a perfect 50-50 marriage in my opinion.  It has the feel of 90% Whax and 10% Auditor.  The only wifi cards that work with it are the same that only worked with Whax, at least in my experience. And seems a little fussier about the laptops it will work on. But all in all it’s a great collection of tools.
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