Post Tue Jun 18, 2013 11:43 am

Help Support CycleOverRide for EFF

Friends of EH-Net are doing an interesting fund raiser for EFF. Here's a little about them:

So, JP and Bruce are on the phone one day talking about biking. JP is in the process of buying a new ride and they’re talking about the finer points of component selection. JP suggests “Hey man, we should do a ride at DefCon”. Bruce hears “Hey man, we should do a ride TO DefCon”. Bruce gets very excited and starts planning a cross country ride to Vegas. A few days later, JP realizes there’s been a miscommunication and talks to Bruce again. They decide to do both.

That’s basically how CycleOverride started. Bad listening skills and two guys with a little too much ambition (plus Heidi’s skills at organizing big events involving geeks) and now we’ve got a cross country riding, fund raising, security focused adventure. And the name? It’s an homage to Hackers Teh Movie. Hack the Gibson, baby!

CycleOverride has planned a series of rides, and our big Cross Country ride starts Sunday June 16, 2013 just south of Richmond. These rides are meant to be fun, but also meant to raise awareness of cyber security and hackerdom in general.

We depart on June 16th from Virginia arrive in Las Vegas on August 1st. On August 2nd, our 3rd annual "Hack the Heat DEF CON bike ride" commences out to Red Rocks and after DEF CON 21, we continue on to San Francisco!

We have picked the EFF as our charity to focus on for our Cross Country (Hack the Nation) ride from Virginia - Las Vegas - San Francisco. We believe the EFF does important work that affects Information Security today as well as helps maintain the future of openness and curiosity that the hacker community holds so close.
After checking out our routes, if you’re interested in CycleOverride stopping by your location, let us know.

Please support them in any way you can.

Good luck guys,