Post Mon Jun 20, 2011 5:29 pm

reverse connection with nat/router

Hello everyone ! :)
I have a huge problem. I want to set a reverse connection from internet but my ISP use router (or nat i don't know exactly).
I know that it's possible to reverse connection by configuring router and set a port forwarding , but the problem is that , my isp is my university , i'm just a little student , so it's difficult for them to let me do something with "their" network, by using their router.
Is there a possibility to anyway accomplish a reverse connection ? I just want to make a kind of little server, and allow other people to connect to my computer trhough ssh too.
Thanks a lot for helping

A detail : before i have a connection , i have to connect to my university's vpn. So i use the ppp0 interface for connection (i saw it by using netstat).