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[Article]-Course Review: SANS SEC 569 Combating Malware in the Enterprise

SANS does a number of smaller courses before and after their main offerings at some of their conferences. This is a quick 2-day course by Lenny Zeltser. Let's just call it a teaser for the big one.  So if you want to go deeper into the world of malware, take a look at the SANS reverse-engineering malware course (FOR610), which teaches you how to turn malware inside-out. The reversing course is the brain-child of Lenny Zeltser, who also co-authored 569. This August Lenny will teach FOR610 with his co-author, Mike Murr.

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By Jeff Georgeson

Your organization will get compromised!  The convenience and ease-of-use that your employees and customers demand will expose your network to a plethora of compromises.  As much as security paranoids, like myself, would like to completely lockdown our networks to prevent this, it is not practical.  The next best thing is to do everything in one’s power to minimize the number of incidents and recognize that, despite your best efforts, compromises will most likely happen.   A well thought out plan and response is essential for an organization to minimize, contain, eradicate and recover from the damage a malware incident can cause.  Lenny Zeltser's SANS Security 569: Combating Malware in the Enterprise is an excellent course to help you devise a robust malware incident response plan.  It is a 2-day, in-depth course that extensively covers malware. For Lenny's full course, please read the review for FOR610 right here on EH-Net.

I went into this class having what I thought was an intermediate knowledge of the subject.  I was very familiar with some of the topics and knew virtually nothing on others.  No matter your knowledge of the subject matter, you will pick up a great deal from this class and definitely won’t feel “out of your league.”  The review that follows discusses the course content at a high level and how this content pertained to me and my organization.

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