Thinking of starting out in comp security.. where to start?




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Thinking of starting out in comp security.. where to start?

Basically lately I've been thinking it's high time I go make something of myself and in the last few months have been looking at studying a degree. However recently (thanks mainly to those responsible for taking down PSN) i've been reintroduced to to the world of hacking and cybersecurity. I say reintroduced but I don't have much experience in it just a little bit of interest from 14-16 where I messed around with a few things. I do however have a small background in IT support.

Anyway after being reintroduced I've spent a small bit of time going around looking at various different things and think I've probably found a perfect career choice. I've always been gifted with computers and had a knack for picking things up extremely quickly software side of things. From starting out in computers on a more advanced level at 14, I landed a full time job at 16 however burnt myself out after just a few months and became discouraged.

Anyhow at 24 I feel it's time to go back to what I'm not only good at, I'm passionate for. What always interested me with computers was a fixation for how software worked and really being able to sink my teeth into so many different aspects and feel rewarded with the knowledge I learnt. I have also had a fixation with more of the fairy tale type hackers from a young age however as I've matured that interest has also matured into the ramifications of such hacking and counter measures in dealing with it.

With this in mind I've done a little research and found a few places here in the UK that offer Computer Security degrees that I'm strongly considering. However while I have a small bit of knowledge of what is required for this profession, there is so much information to take in which seems a little overhwhelming to try and get a good overview.

With this in mind I was hoping someone could possibly point me in the right direction hopefully in the form of a nice big book I can sink my teeth into. I'm generally just looking for a good overview of what computer security entails and what I'd be expected to learn and do on a daily basis so that I know if i've made the right choice or not to think about getting into it. Any ideas or other advice?

Wow a bit of a rambling.. I assume most people here aren't ADD sufferers but for those who are.. TLDR Version : Good beginners books for a decent overview of what ethical hacking and cybersecurity entails?
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Re: Thinking of starting out in comp security.. where to start?

Hi Flash13,

It really depends what you want to do in security there are many areas for example

PCI DSS - Payment Card Industry Data security standard
Incident Response
Pen Testing

In one sense everything in security seem to overlap a bit so most jobs involve a bit of everything.

I dont know of any such books that would give you breakdown of what each jobs involves. But there are many good resources on each subject.

If you interested in hacking and breaking things then pen tester would be the best choice. However no matter what you do its pretty hard to get into and does take a long time.

There are some uni in the uk that run security courses but at 9 grand a year it might not be worth doing. There are many training companies that will give you qualifications you need for a lot less having a degree is good but not all companies require it.

I hope this helps a bit if you have any more question let me know my main interest is Pen testing and I was where you are about 6 months ago and also based in the UK so know a bit about what is on offer.

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