What would you expect out of an intern?




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What would you expect out of an intern?


I'd like to start off saying, Hi. I've been a long time reader of EH but a first time poster. I'm coming close to completing my undergrad in Electrical Engineering, however the bulk of my free time has been studying cyber security and what not. I currently work as a programmer (Java) for a start up company and love my job. Recently I "pre-interviewed" for a cyber security internship at a local R&D firm and  called in for a real interview in a few weeks.

The pre-interview went awesome, was paired up with someone from the team, talked a lot, he drilled me on my knowledge of reverse engineering and it went fine and dandy. Earlier in the year I started the OSCP training, made it through all the videos and exercises and played in the lab for my 30 days. Awesome time, but sadly got swamped between school work and work work to really hit the books hard and work out what i felt were my weakness, so i plan on re-uping my lab time for another 30 days during the summer before i take the exam.

My question is what do you expect/look for in an intern? I feel I have a good base in most things but i also feel like i lack some depth in some bigger things. The pre-interview was highly technical. None of that "where do you see yourself in 5 years?" mumbo jumbo. From his questions I'm assuming its mostly reverse engineering.

Any tips to what you expect an intern to understand at least? I'm kind of afraid of getting interview by a computer science type guy, seeing as this was an "interview call" for computer science and computer engineers, that's going to drill me more on those fundamentals that I've only been to exposed to in passing.

Thanks in advanced.


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Re: What would you expect out of an intern?

For me personally, I want to see two things from an intern. The capability to learn things quickly and a passion for security. Often times I will ask them to learn about a question they missed and discuss it intelligently on the 2nd interview. I also like to see that they like to read technical books and tinker around with a home lab setup. Those to me illustrate someone who is capable of growing and adapting.
For your specific area, RevEng, which is highly technical, it makes sense that you were getting bombarded. Thats one of those jobs where if you don't have a solid tech foundation, the hill is very steep to climb. For that I want to see mastery of C++ and and at least one other language. Decent understanding of assembly, debugging with Olly and disassembly with Ida.

Just my 2cents. Good luck in your interview process!!

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