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Anyone familiar with this site? I just got a "special invite" through the Hakin9 newsletter. A quick google search shows a a preview of some of the possile content, including a copy of the "Hackers Underground Handbook" I've seen this before, its a very basic overview of hacking processes, It may mention tools, w/e.

This copy just has the HI logo on it, so im ot sure if I should take that to mean that they bought the rights or what....


It also shows some links that I don't like. Such as: "Index of /launch/wp-content/plugins/sexybookmarks/spritegen_default" I see spritegen is a css genarator... "What is a CSS Sprite? A CSS Sprite is a load of images lumped together into a single image file. They're used as a technique to make ..." also some references to JSON some kind of Javascript generator.

So Why is a school training people how to hack using a bunch of  generated code and possibly stealing content? Anyway, before I made a decision, wanted to mention it.


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Re: hackerinstitute.com

You see more and more of these types of sites now days. They just steal content from somewhere else... build traffic to it... and just sell ads. Very "scammy". I'd stay away from sites like these.
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