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Would very much like the help of an excellent programmer/hacker.


Agonizing story cut short I applied for the green card lottery and you're given a confirmation page with the confirmation number at the end. However, it appears, I copied and pasted the page in another email than i used to apply and sent it to myself (3 other emails). Checking it now (5 months later) the confirmation does not show and I have tried everything to find the Yahoo email id; I have called them and written them but they only go by an alternative email that I didn't assign. I also saved it in a file but lost my usb right after. One after another, I know; it's almost a phenomena.

Murphy's still around so this year, which I'm feeling very lucky, they are only posting it on the website and not sending out letters..

So the only way for me to find this number (I think), is with the yahoo Id. The only thing I have is emails sent from that computer (hotel in another country where I was vacationing). So if i'm not overwhelming myself I was thinking is someone could (I would pay of course!) somehow track the ip address that these emails were sent from and then through that find out the other yahoo id that was used right before it.

The website requires Last Name, Date of Birth, and the Confirmation Number, that I'm looking for. Would there be a a way to write/use a program to infinitely search all the possible matches (I have 4 out of 16) with my DOB and Last name?

Would appreciate your help!

Thank you. :)
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