Dell Challenge For You!




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Dell Challenge For You!

Hey All,

I have been searching everywhere for the latest Dell SVCTAG.exe but cant find it. I only have the SVCTAG Ver 3.4 but it doesnt allow me to change the service tag on machines such as E6410 or E4310 latitudes. think Dell have changed the bios software and its real hard to get hold of the new updated version. This tool is to change to Service Tag and not the Asset Tag of the machine.

There must be someone out there with the newest version any help would be great, as cant change the tag in the bios, need to change the mainboard on a few machines.

If any of you have the resources to obtain the software, i'd be proper buzzin with the result as it appears to be on total lock down by dell. quesion is can you find what i cant??

Thanks in advance

Angel  8)


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Re: Dell Challenge For You!

Have you tried contacting Dell?  As I understand it, the svctag.exe was only meant to work with certain models.  Maybe they'd have the proper utility for your specific model.  I've always found their online chat easy to use.

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