Post Sun Apr 24, 2011 7:58 am

New CTF / Challenge. Terrorists vs CTU

This CTF is not like most.  It takes on a multi "episode" approach.  Over the life time of the CTF, players will be divided in the categories listed above.  It will be the job of CTU to find out who the terrorists are.  It will be the job of the terrorists to fullfill the master terrorist plot.  Each episode victory will reveal a secret piece of the final master plan that will be fed to the winning party.  There is an IRC chat server inside the darknet to communicate with ALL players to social engineer, to meet secretly, and to spy.  There are various honey pots setup.  There are many "infrastructure" targets to protect and attack.  Points will be awarded throughout the challenge and listed here.  The description of the points will not be listed until the end of the challenge