SIEM - QRadar (Q1) or NitroView (NitroSecurity)




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SIEM - QRadar (Q1) or NitroView (NitroSecurity)


I am in need of some help in helping to make a decision on the top two SIEM solutions that I've been baking off.  I really like both of them, and yes both QRadar and NitroView have there weaknesses, they both have a lot of advantages.

After baking them off, I like both of them.  My question is for those that have worked with QRadar and NitroView weather currenty user of either solution or did a bake-off before on these two solution, which one did you go with and why?

Thank you all in advance.



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Re: SIEM - QRadar (Q1) or NitroView (NitroSecurity)

I have been a user of NitroView ESM for almost 3 years now and have been a very happy customer.  When we did the bakeoff 3 years ago we brought in the top players at that time.

Based on performance, price and ease of setup we chose Nitroview.  I have been a very happy customer ever since.  One thing I would recommend it to choose the Receiver that is one step larger than what you are planning on now, this allows for expansion. 

Qradar I have not used, but I think I would be hard pressed to make a change to another SIM.

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