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Hacking and Securing Oracle Database: 2 days Hands on Training at Blackhat US

Overview: The two-day hands-on course will teach the audience the security problems related to Oracle database. The training covers a variety of security problems arising from flaws such as insecure design, insecure features/packages, insecure PL/SQL code, patch management, weak passwords etc. The second day will focus on securing and hardening databases using built-in oracle features along with a number of externally available scripts and tools. Implementing auditing solutions will also be a part of the training. The audience will have access to an infrastructure with a number of Oracle components deployed, and they will be encouraged to identify/exploit/patch security vulnerabilities as they learn them. The training will provide software developers understanding of writing secure PL/SQL code, DBAs the understanding of thorough auditing of the database and penetration testers the understanding of how to break the unbreakable Oracle.

Registration Page: ... racle.html

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Dates: July 30-31, August 1-2

Limited Seats!!!!! A must-do for DBAs!
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