Same old Question




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Same old Question

Sorry in advance for posting this question but i am going to a ECH Boot camp in 2 weeks and would like some notes on jobs.
I have been in the IT field for 10 years (mainly desktop and server support). and want to move on.
I have passed Network + in the past and have been reading the course material and studied some foundstone exercises over the past 6 months.
What would be the best way to market myself to gain a junior possition within pen testing ? Is there any other courses that would help or is it the old chicken and egg with no experiance no chance thing ?




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Re: Same old Question

  Unless you have a good connection to an inside source, I would reccomend you get your certification and update your resume. Then go online and google all the security companies out there. Many will have info for how to apply for employment on their site.  Send  out your info to every place you can. The down side is some companies are not that ethical in their pentesting. I know of one that just has someone go to a site and run a Nessus report and submit it along with a big bill. Such a place may not be too demanding on who they hire, but it  might still get your foot in the door for better things down the road. If you do end up in such a place, try and get them to be better about their tests or leave them if they are not interested.

  The best way is to attend every security funtion you can and try and network with people. The sad thing is some Admins have greta network skills with computers but when it comes to people they are really lacking!
I have met some great people at events have had some very interesting doors opened for me in the past.
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Re: Same old Question

You need to Network with people in the security industry. I have found that Local Computer Users Groups or Security Users Groups are a good place to start and also look for presentations or conferences where the security vendors are speaking. And of course always look online with many different firms to see if they are hiring. You could also look to an ISP is you have one around you and see if there NOC or security Group is hiring. This is just how I have found the best security related jobs so maybe this can work for you too.

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