cehv6 vs cehv7




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cehv6 vs cehv7

n00b here.
can anyone provide a quick rundown on the differences between cehv6 and cehv7. i bought a studyguide book a few months back and i just now have the time to start reading and i noticed it is already not the correct date.



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Re: cehv6 vs cehv7

You can match what you have with the current objectives here: http://www.eccouncil.org/certification/ ... 12-50.aspx

I don't know when the last v6 test date is, but I believe you still have about six months to take that exam. v7 just came out.

Also, it looks like they're still referencing older books, practice exams, etc., which were originally v5 materials. The exam itself didn't change much between v5 and v6, so the change to v7 may be relatively minor as well. The major differences were in the courses and official courseware.
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Re: cehv6 vs cehv7


I am about to do my CEH v6 exam, as I did the course in Sept 2010.  Leaving it until last minute aren't I!

Anyway, Had i thought about it a little more back in September, I would have waited until v7.

A LOT of the tools in v6 were outdated, to the point where we just skipped over chunks of it. 

The wireless security was really outdated too.  It mainly talked about WEP security, which I thought was a bit of a waste, as I was hoping to see some good methods and countermeasures for WPA.

They touched on bluetooth hacking which I thought would have been really valuable.

The virtual machines we used all had win2000 vms, and I would have like to see machines running xp, server 2003 at least.

There was sweet bugger all to do with Windows 7, server 2008 or Vista, and nowhere near as much Linux stuff as I expected there would be.

My advice would be to keep the study book, but get the one for v7 (if you haven't paid for the v6 course), then jump straight into the v7 course, you'll be better for it with the newer tools, methods and all around information that will be more relevant to environments more commonly in use today.



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Re: cehv6 vs cehv7

I just passed the v6 material.

As Chippybox said, a lot of the tools discussed are outdated, to the point where most of my study time went into learning about legacy stuff that I've never encountered in the real world any more.

If you're looking for C|EH to give you the knowledge required to start out in the field then I'd move to v7, or look at alternatives if training centres are still focusing on v6.

Either way, good luck

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