Next up, C|EH



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Next up, C|EH

Hi All,

I've just ticked off the latest certification I've been working on (CheckPoint Certified Security Expert - CCSE).

Once the dust and celebrations (pizza and beer) settle I'm looking forward to what's next. First choice at the moment is to self study for C|EH, but I'm struggling to find any study guides covering v7, can anyone point me in the direction of anything I've missed?

Alternatively, I've already got some guides covering v6. How much difference is there between the two, do I stand a chance studying for one and taking the other?

Thanks in advance,

(p.s. apologises if this has already been answered, tried searching the forums (and Google) but came up empty.)


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Re: Next up, C|EH

Here's a thread with a few CEH v7 reviews: ... ic,6827.0/

Check nikmidu's post here for a link to buy the v7 courseware: ... ic,6803.0/

Steve_Sanchez, in that 2nd thread, may be selling his v7 courseware soon also.

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