[Student seeking advice]Got stucked,how should i begin my security carrier?



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[Student seeking advice]Got stucked,how should i begin my security carrier?

well i am just a final year b.tech student,
I love this computer field for the past 2-2.5 years,

my studies are going to over in the next 90 days,As people like you i too have a dream of getting a job in the security field,but i got strucked at choosing my path,so i toghut it would be best to ask some suggestions from the experienced members here.

my ambition is to go in to the IT security(mostly i am interested in network security and i got a lot of interest in web-application security) field,and i had decided not to concern about my concern salary in the first 1-2 years,I just need to learn and get experienced in my field,

when i asked for some suggestions to some of my real life friends they said,

"go and get a CCNA certiifcation and then try to find a basic job like a "technical support"
in a company,and after working a while get in to the network management team and work for some time(may be 1-2 years) and after you worked and earned some years of experience in the field,then you can try to get in to the IT security field ,because companies expect some kind of working experience beyond your certifications and skills."

i am bit confused here,i don't know how to begin my security carrier?
i am caught in a dliema,can i have some of your advice? ???

Like me many of todays security gurus were in the dilema during your college days,i believe advice from the experienced persons will surely help to choose my carrier  ;D



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Re: [Student seeking advice]Got stucked,how should i begin my security carrier?

I hate to break it to you, but your friends are right.

It's very rare to get a start in security. You'd need to have some exceptional knowledge and skills and/or be very lucky.

If you want to get into network security, it would be best to try to land a job as a junior network admin, possibly in a NOC, and then start taking on more and more security responsibilities (firewalls, IPS, NAC, etc.)

Honestly, you'd probably be selling yourself short by going directly into security. The best security people I know are ones that have worked in the trenches and have a genuine understanding of how things work.
The day you stop learning is the day you start becoming obsolete.

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