Need tool (Brute-Force/at-wits-end)




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Need tool (Brute-Force/at-wits-end)

Sorry if this is the wrong section to post this in...

Hear me out, normally I would never use a Brute Force tool let alone ask for one but I'll be damned if I didn't come back to my computer after a few days and forget how to log into my hard drive (bitlocker).  I've done some searching and cannot find a thing that comes close to working.  Also, if the program wont allow you to narrow down the amount of characters then it's going to be worthless (it's a long shot in the first place, I know).

While waiting for any repsonses, I'm going to keep plugging along and trying to manually guess it.


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Re: Need tool (Brute-Force/at-wits-end)

I used the following search on google:
recover lost bitlocker password

looks like a good place to start. I think Microsoft would expect users to forget passwords.
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