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TP-Link WR641G

Hey guys,

I've got a TP-Link WR641G router at my house and I want to see if I can effectively 'hack the security'. In other words, I'd like to access it and be able to change various settings with knowing the username and password. This is MY OWN ROUTER, and while I know the password, I just want to experiment with it to see if I can do it.

What'd be the best way to approach this?



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Re: TP-Link WR641G

I do not know what type of access you need to the a wireless router to change the settings these day's however if it only requires the password you could look into aircrack-ng.


Other options that automate the entire process are wifite and grimwepa. However the second one is currently no longer supported by the developer. Both where coded for the Backtrack operating system but should run on all versions of Linux.


Just one note: as far as I am aware you need to be directly connected to a wireless router to be able to change any settings (at least from what I remember, but I have not used them in over 2 years now).

Beside that. If you are trying to see how secure your wireless connection is there are more easy methods. To penetrate a WPA2 protected network you will need to run dictionary files against the collected information. Using a strong password that combines letters, symbols and numbers (if I am right WPA2 is also case sensitive so that would effect it as well) and that uses the maximum length allowed for passwords using WPA2. Would result in that a hacker would need several years and several computers to find a match (if he ever will).

Additional information on how you need to be connected to the router in able to change the settings you might find in the user guide.

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