Sending RAW data on W-LAN




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Sending RAW data on W-LAN


My name is Emil, I'm 22, study mathematics and is new to the board. Hello!

I've been experimenting with the aircrack-ng suite for the last couple of days and had a lot of fun with my wireless network. However, I would really like to be able to send and track raw wireless data myself.

I've been reading through this site http://mixter.void.ru/rawip.html, which is really good for wired ethernet, but AFAIK it won't apply on ecncrypted wireless networks.

Does anyone know of an article or similar that discusses this topic? I believe that it isn't much harder than the ethernet example above, but I don't know how to use the C libraries on wireless networks.



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Re: Sending RAW data on W-LAN

Hi Gnome,

guessing it depends on exactly what you mean/want by 'raw', but I'd suggest giving scapy a look.

Should hopefully do what you looking for, but at this time in the morning before coffee I'll admit I can't remember if I've run it over wireless before to confirm 100%.

Hope this helps.

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