Sending RAW data on W-LAN




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Sending RAW data on W-LAN


My name is Emil, I'm 22, study mathematics and is new to the board. Hello!

I've been experimenting with the aircrack-ng suite for the last couple of days and had a lot of fun with my wireless network. However, I would really like to be able to send and track raw wireless data myself.

I've been reading through this site, which is really good for wired ethernet, but AFAIK it won't apply on ecncrypted wireless networks.

Does anyone know of an article or similar that discusses this topic? I believe that it isn't much harder than the ethernet example above, but I don't know how to use the C libraries on wireless networks.



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Re: Sending RAW data on W-LAN

Hi Gnome,

guessing it depends on exactly what you mean/want by 'raw', but I'd suggest giving scapy a look.

Should hopefully do what you looking for, but at this time in the morning before coffee I'll admit I can't remember if I've run it over wireless before to confirm 100%.

Hope this helps.

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