Highest possible Anonimization in internet by Ip spoofing and vpn chaining?



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Highest possible Anonimization in internet by Ip spoofing and vpn chaining?

I am having some ideas in my mind regarding obtaining Maximum possible anonimization by ip-spoofing along with chaining vpn connections for the maximum possible anonimization by exploiting the lack of ingress,egress filtering by the ISP's

,but i can not able to find any useful resources for studying,understanding and practical implementation of these concepts So decided to ask here,

I have the following questions

1)Is it possible to chain the vpn connections like we do for proxy?
if yes ,Then to be honest i don't know about chaining multiple vpn's together ,Will it work with out issues?

2)Also most of us know that  Internet  routers cares only about the destination address not the source adress,it will also one of the greater advantage to us for anonimization :o

I am not only looking to spoof my internet  IP address to some random address ,i am much concerned about getting responses  or packets  back from the target  with my spoofed ip,with out the connection or packets  going to the "original" ip i have  been using for spoofing ...

in simple i want to you address as my source address and communicate with a third party ,And when the third party sends a reply ,the reply should not be sent to you,it should comes to me...

how to do this?

Also can we use a able to get back replies from the target if we use a  spoofed CLASS D OR E address?

I hope this is definitely possible,I had seen some guys using these kind of techniques for anonimization,

But i don't know to do this,but i am very much interested in understanding them theoretically and practically.

3)Next my doubt is regarding hop by hop packet tracing,if we do like the above idea then  law enforcing agencies should have do hop by hop packet tracing to trace the real attacker right?,Also i am sure when we do like this it involves atleast 15 hops  from various countries for a single vpn ,So if we do the same spoofing technique from multiple VPN connections hosted on multiple VPS servers and chain them together to a single ,will it gives us maximum anonimization?

I do know if we do serious crimes these kind of chains can be traced at any cost,but what if it was an low profile attack scenes like web-site defacements,piracy and e-mail abuse etc?

Just want to know the "truth" regarding real time crime investigations,

I hope many of you guys have seen many similar scenes in your life..

hope some one will help me out...


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Re: Highest possible Anonimization in internet by Ip spoofing and vpn chaining?

1)  a-yes,b-maybe.  Most likely most protocols will work, but there are a lot of variables out there.

2)  Properly configured routers will only allow a source address they know, so it may kill the request right away.  Either way, if the packet does make it all the way to the internet with a spoofed source IP, the response (SA) will never make it back to you.  However, you can include a payload with a SYN packet, and with a specially constructed IP stack, you could use this for 1-way communication.

3)  If you really want "anonymous" traffic, rent a botnet and bombard them with packets.  It will be difficult to pick out the real traffic and if you use tech like VPN/Proxy/AnonEmail to work with the bot operators, it should be fairly difficult to track you down (at least until the bot operators are caught and start yapping).
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