Post Fri Dec 03, 2010 8:42 am

Design and Concept of a BOTNET to work for you


First of all i would like to post that this isn't for illegal use and i do not plan on using the information provided to conduct it in that way...

Lately i have been pen-testing my network trying to come up with a way to reverse engineer wap2psk passwords (MY OWN NETWORK) Instead of using a dictionary i am trying to brute force a 1-0 a-z char-set which I've come up with the solution it would take days- years to come up with an 8 to 30 combination.

So here is the main topic i would like to stick to is.

If "legally" through computers that i have permission to access like my university for example, What would the outcome and necessary precautions to run a SAFE cloud of computers in a bot-net manor to speed up the process of my brute force procedure.

I know from another topic a few of you would say Google it and a few would doubt my expectations on how i would use this information so it can't hurt to ask.

I have an understanding about linux/win OS scripting and configuration so its more the HOWTO on the connection and access controlling.

Best Regards -R00T-