Post Mon Sep 04, 2006 2:43 pm - security fiction site

Always good to support those trying to educate in entertaining ways. Take a look at the quote below from the site's About Page:


After reading Stealing the Network: How to Own a Box, a book written as a combined effort by a bunch of security people (Ryan Russel, Thor, FX, Dan Kaminsky, Joe Grand, Ken Pfeil, Ido Dubrawsky, Mark Burnett and Paul Craig) I decided to start this site. The book has several short fictional stories of different hackers. Instead of being a purely technical book, Stealing the Network tells us stories about the people who are using different security tools and how they are using these tools. I really liked the approach of teaching technology through stories. It’s just more fun than reading a technical book.

Aside from the other stealing books I have also been inspired by SecurityMonkey, a security investigator who writes stories related to computer forensics.

On this site I will publish fictional stories related to computer security. My goal is that you (my audience) will find them entertaining to read but also educational. On a personal level my goal is to improve my writing skills and become a better story teller.