Unhackable Sweden Server(WiKileaks)




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Unhackable Sweden Server(WiKileaks)

The US government is one of the most powerful governments in the world.  The government has the ability to kill someone remotely, follow people from space and collect & store data on millions.

This European article has suggested that the US government(hackers too) would be unable to hack this company in Sweden.
http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world ... 47688.html
"Wikileaks was predominantly hosted in Sweden by a “bulletproof” service provider called PRQ which, over the past decade, has become the favoured choice for a variety of political dissidents, activists and refugee groups who would be closed down if they hosted websites in their own countries. The company deliberately keeps no logs on its clientele and specialises in protecting website against even the most sophisticated hacking techniques."
From the web page itself:
"Refugee hosting
    Our boundless commitment to free speech has been tested and proven over and over again. If it is legal in Sweden, we will host it, and will keep it up regardless of any pressure to take it down."

Is this really true?  Has a company in Sweden designed a web hosting site that is simply uncrackable; unstoppable even if millions of dollars were thrown at it?

This is a pretty serious thing.  We have leading generals and congress men calling wikileaks terrorist.  16-20 year old hackers have obtained access into more "secret" targets in the past haven't they?

Couldn't millions have been thrown at this and the data extracted, erased, changed or modified?  Prior to the leaks getting out Wikileaks announced for months they had them.

Or is this it?  Has this company in Sweden designed the first unhackable "network".
(I am not seeking individual opinions on Wikileaks, the US government) just the technical claims of the article, no one not even the US government could have hacked into the server where they had months notice information was being held then 'had their way' with that data.


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Re: Unhackable Sweden Server(WiKileaks)

It's quite common for people and companies to exaggerate, even in Sweden  ;D

There's no such thing as 100% security or "unhackable". There is however, 99,9% security which one can obtain though that is not an easy task. I believe their biggest threats are:
- Social Engineering
- Physical Attacks
- Disgruntled Employees
- Malicious / Rogue Clients
- 0days (as per usual).

Two points should be made though. One, it wouldn't surprise me if several vulnerabilities exists in their server which are not public known. Two, a hacker may already have access to their servers or communication channels but has hidden him- or her-self so well that they have not discovered this yet.

Just like some networks are already (heavily) backdoored by hackers. (Blackhats)
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Re: Unhackable Sweden Server(WiKileaks)

Usually "Bulletproof" hosting doesn't indicate a high level of security protections in use to prevent hacking.  What the company means by that term is that they will use the legal protections of the hosting country (in this case Sweden) and will not give into pressure from "outside" influences (US Government in this case) to remove the offending hosted content.  Its basically a promise from the hosting company that they won't remove your content no matter who you piss off.  A lot of unethical ISPs offer similar hosting services usually at a high price to criminal enterprises.

I haven't researched PRQ's security policies so I don't know if they are more stringent then usual but I doubt it.  If anyone with enough resources really wanted to "down" Wikileaks using a hack it could be done easily I am sure.

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