Sources for Pen-Testing Challenges



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Sources for Pen-Testing Challenges

Greetings all,

Can anyone provide information on some good sources for pen-testing challenges, in VMWare image format?  Meaning, I'm looking for host images that I can download (or otherwise obtain on CD/DVD), which I can use to improve my pen-testing/hacking skills.

I've already completed the three primary challenges available from Heorot.net (Wilhelm), as well as those provided as part of the CPT exam.  I've found all of these to be very challenging and a great source of hands-on experience, so I'm searching for more.

Thoughts would be appreciated!


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Re: Sources for Pen-Testing Challenges

I have a couple other LiveCDs, but they are only available to students... BUT, on Jan. 1, there should be a new batch available at heorot.net! Students at hackingdojo.com have been given the opportunity to create their own pen test liveCD as part of a contest (with prizes amounting to over $500 in value). More info about the contest and how it works can be seen on the hackingdojo.com site, or the heorot.net forums.

Make sure you check them out and vote for your favorite one - the winner's submission will be added to the other De-ICE liveCDs currently available.
- Thomas Wilhelm, MSCS MSM

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