Any Network Architects out there? Need Some information about these Networks?



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Any Network Architects out there? Need Some information about these Networks?

As the title says i am trying to Understand about various things related to network design,After I read some news regarding the stuxnet worm my interest about Understanding  the Industrial Network Architecture got increased,

1) I am trying to Understand about the Network structure of the Satellite command centre,I am not interested in understanding about the PLC,power and other circuit related system,I am interested in understanding about the IT part of such networks?

How does a satellite network differs from a ordinary network?

Also i had seen in some news there are some freaky super computers out there,Wondering what type of Network design and security they have?
I am guessing it is not designed like an ordinary corporate network,
I am sure some "ingenious measures and technologies" out there to protect such networks,

Also i had seen in some scenarios that military people uses "satellies for routing",Just amazed about these high-tech stuff,

But again i can not able to find any information or any clue about how these networks are designed and secured..

I am  much interested in understanding about these hi-fi things,

But as far as i have seen "most security experts" does not know much about these things,So i decide  to some network architects ,i am sure you guys known these things better than a security professional,So decided to ask here..

can any point me to some nice links for understanding these concepts?


2)Now my questions id regarding understanding the ordinary corporate networks,

Because i believe network security starts from the Network designing it-self,

i am focusing on understanding about the organizations network model,
because by seeing them i might get some ideas about the network desigining,how a organizations network looks like and bla bla..

Also when i am trying to  looking for any previous Network models of any corporates,I can not able to find,Still don't know why these kind of informations can not be found on internet( ???)?

For example

i had asked about the network model in the sense of understanding the entire corporate structure,not some star like topology like that,
for example take an  MNC as example,for example say TCS,

Assume They are running their offices all over world,

say 30 countries,and say they have 10 sub-offices in each country,and each country have a networking command centre and at-last those 30 command centres from different countries are linked to a top most command center,
,I guess their network structure look like these,But in general,i want to know about the over-all network structure starting from the top command center.

For some guys this thread may looks noobish,but I am asking in the sense to learn and understand about such network Design and its implementation etc...

Hope some Network Architect with bit of patience will help me  ;D
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Re: Any Network Architects out there? Need Some information about these Networks?

This would be a book-long response so I narrowed down a few places for you to check out and read. Personally, I'd begin with GlobalSecurity which will give you the best overview.

http://www.globalsecurity.org/space/lib ... n4app1.htm
http://www.isode.com/solutions/applicat ... llite.html
http://pdf.aiaa.org/preview/CDReadyMICS ... 4_3113.pdf
http://www.losangeles.af.mil/shared/med ... 12-025.pdf

At the end of the day though, the delivery differs (sat vs. the wire) but the risks are still the same.

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