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Novell news

While not necessarily 'pentest-related', they do have some good security-related product offerings.  So, I thought this was some interesting news this morning: ... orporation

Thoughts from others on the boards?
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Re: Novell news

I'm very interested to see where this goes.  Possibly a new IT empire? 

I would like to see some more development of the Mono projects, but I'm concerned that may be one of the intellectual properties MS purchased through CPTN Holdings.  If MS bough the rights to Mono, I see it going a few ways.  1) They archive the code, and do nothing with it. 2) They develop a .NET and Silverlight framework for Linux that is closed source.  I'm not a huge open-source fanatic, but I wouldn't be enthused to install MS closed source binaries (kind of a trust issue).  Although, it could mean great things for *nix users. 

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