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Cheating Online Games by Hoglund and McGraw

Cheating Online Games, an introduction to the issues surrounding piracy and cheating in the online gaming industry, is by the guys who brought you Rootkits and Exploiting Software. It's basically a small introduction to the complete book that will be available next year. ... 460723&rl=

From the publisher:

After reading this Short Cut, you’ll also have a much better understanding of the ethical and technical issues surrounding cheating and be able to make informed decisions about how much you want to grind and how much you want gaming companies to know about you.

Cheating Online Games contains information that will appear in Greg Hoglund and Gary McGraw’s forthcoming book, Exploiting Online Games (ISBN 0132271915), available summer/fall 2007. This Short Cut is fully self-contained and is an excellent place to start learning about technical issues in online gaming.

Table of Contents:

·        What This Short Cut Will Cover

·        A Brief History of Cheating

·        Defeating Piracy by Going Online

·        Or Not...

·        The Lawyers Have Landed Bearing EULAs

·        The Rise of MMORPGs

·        The WoW Warden Is Watching

·        Cheating Is Quick and Easy

·        Grinding Is Boring and Dull

·        Farming Makes Things Easy

·        Virtual-World Economics

·        Farming Hurts the Virtual Economy

·        Games as Reality

·        Cracking Down on Farming

·        Online Game, Real-World Cheating

·        Defeating Cheaters and Crossing the Line

·        The Governor Watches the Watcher

So have fun but watch yourself out there in the virtual world.