[Help]Need some advice on using php Intrusion Detection system?



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[Help]Need some advice on using php Intrusion Detection system?

I just found this while i am searching arround the internet," php Intrusion Detection system",

I had some doubts regarding it,so i decided to ask here,

Do you guys using such technology for identifying sql injections,and guys who is looking for xss attacks on your sites and admin page detection,heurestic web-page scannings?

is it worthy to use?

Also as the name says is this is only limited to php based  websites?

Is this php IDS is  visible to the attackers via it's behaviour?(mention here is any)

Also can any explain me what are all the types of web attacks  it can detect?

Is there any open source php IDS Applications available?

Also if possible can any point me to some links/tutorials for installing and configuring  this php IDS ...

Looking for some advice and guidance...



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Re: [Help]Need some advice on using php Intrusion Detection system?

check out mod_security, an apache / php module for hardening your projects. Its by-passable of course, but only if the code is really broken.

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