[SET] Social Engineerint Toolkit: Exploit don't run




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[SET] Social Engineerint Toolkit: Exploit don't run

I have a problem with SET ... I do not understand what the problem is ... when I run SET with the "Metasploit browser exploits METHOD" .. I choose the exploit java_atomicreferencearray (for example) ... and runs everything correctly.

the problem is when with my virtual machine I open the browser and I connect to the url of the "server exploits \", the exploit makes no effect ... it is not hit dall'exploit ... seems to be no problem ... but ...... the same exploit with Metasploit runs directly (msfconsole) ... infects the virtual machine ... effect makes the exploit .... why?
not working with SET

I apologize for my English

thanks all byeeee


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Re: [SET] Social Engineerint Toolkit: Exploit don't run

In this case I would simply read through the SET source code and compare the commandline arguments from SET, to the ones I would manually use in the Metasploit console to see if there are any differences, such as payload, settings, etc.

Play a bit with it, if you find a bug in SET, let the devs know  ;D
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