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Update on Project / New Web Site

Recently I asked for volunteers for a new project that I wanted to launch. I had asked for volunteers, and had quite a few people step up to help contribute. However, over time, life draws attention away from pet projects and back to real-world issues. Such was the case for the new project - after a couple months, although there was a desire, the project languished and is now a lost cause.

Therefore, I went with plan "B"

I have created a new hacker training web site, which can be found at:

Since this site is just starting out, I have limited enrollment to only 100 people interested in learning the fundamentals of hacking. Access to the training is through monthly subscription, and includes a surprising list of advantages simply not found at other training sites, including weekly, live instruction with the instructor (me).

The training at the site is based on the concept of a martial art "dojo," or classroom. Each week, students will be given live instruction as well as access to video, tools, etc. If students have questions, there is a direct (live if requested) way to contact the instructor to obtain answers. Once a student has mastered and demonstrated a set of skills, they can be advanced to the next level of training.

This is a new concept in hacker training, but has worked for centuries in other arenas. I figured this would be a great opportunity to provide those interested in learning how to perform penetration tests a different way of learning.

For those people interested in finding out more, here are a couple links that might satiate your curiosity:

Again, I am limiting the number of enrollments to 100 students, and will only be taking those who need to start out with the fundamentals.

I will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Classes begin October 1 - online, live training is held at various times throughout the week, in order to accommodate people's schedules.

Oh, and buy my new book - Ninja Hacking  ;)
- Thomas Wilhelm, MSCS MSM

Web Site:
  • Professional Penetration Testing
  • Ninja Hacking
  • Penetration Tester's Open Source Toolkit
  • Metasploit Toolkit for Penetration Testing
  • Netcat Power Tools