HDCP key is out...



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HDCP key is out...

Who didn't see this coming?  If you claim you really didn't see this coming, I have some ocean front property in South Dakota I'm getting rid of at CRAZY prices.

The short of it is that someone leaked the HDCP private key to the Internet.  That was sure to come.  Look out for black market devices sure to come.  The below quote says it all.  How long did they think the key would last if the worked out security as an afterthought?

Paul Kocher, chief scientist at Cryptography Research  in San Francisco, said in a recent interview that somebody in the business of making HDCP-compatible devices, who had access to at least 50 individual device keys, would have been able to reconstruct the master key by analyzing “mathematical similarities” in the individual device keys. That was a vulnerability in the technology, Kocher said, that was bound to be exploited.

Full story here:
http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2010/0 ... consumers/
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Re: HDCP key is out...

Intel threatened legal action Friday against anybody who uses its proprietary crypto key

Nice, so instead of fixing the issue, they threaten legal action. 

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