Post Sun Sep 19, 2010 9:20 am



I am a legal practitioner in India. 17 years of legal practice on litigation side experience and doing well. In india,  i understood the want of security audit,pen tester , or CEH based consultancies. Out of interest and commitment, i started studying (self study) CEH V6 course module from EC council.
Though  one of my under graduation is Bsc Physics and the CEH course material is  frying my brain. Some techniques and counter measures are really worth to know.
I just interested to study the CEH  with a view to gain knowledge for litigations in  the Cybercrime,cyber law practice.

However i would wish to know how CEh will help  for a legal practitioner like me , in my career ; what are the other avenues available with  CEH +Law holder. Plz kindly clarify .thanks...