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Does any body know this company? It looks interesting focus only in one skill.

Any comments please
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Re: www.defilaide.com

Have you read the Table of Contents?

It appears to be a very (very) basic course:
http://www.defilaide.com/index.php?opti ... 07#content

I could be wrong of course, but it looks very brief as if you might only breach the surface of (ethical) hacking.
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Re: www.defilaide.com

Nowadays eveybody is coming up with their own infosec courses . You should look for a few things before divig into any of  them

1. Are you near the skill level required to take that course ?/(for eg . if someone says i have heard  a lot about hacking and i want to learn it . Should i go for OSCP ??? answer is obviously no !! )

2. Who are your trainers ?? There are too many charltans in infosec .. ppl who pretend to "Know it all " but know nothing . Try to know who ur trainer will be , how much experience he has and if he is really well known or respected ( ask previous students )

3. How is the infrastructure / course material ?? If somebody is giving you a book for a couple of hundred dollars and saying this will teach you all you need to get started with hacking then he is probably robbing you of ur hard earned money .

4. Do they provide practicals or everything is theoretical?? ( it is easier said then done )

5 . Is the certification well known

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